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The Sciencetech Agrolab takes an active part in shaping the future of agriculture. Our mission is to foster and implement new technologies or strategies, which increase efficiency, conserve resources or significantly improve the lives of farmers and consumers

Understanding Your Soil is the first rule of (green) thumb


While much of the discussion has centred around fertilizer use, soil amendments and conditioners are an equally critical tool in soil restoration efforts and our ability to feed the anticipated 9 billion people inhabiting the earth by 2050. While fertilizers deliver the nutrients plants need for crops to grow, soil amendments provide the environment for fertilizers to be effective; a desolate soil cannot be improved through the use of fertilizer alone – no matter how much is applied.

With awareness around the critical nature of soil health becoming more prevalent, soil amendments have seen increasing use in recent years and continue to be on an upward trend; a 2017 report by Research and Markets projected that global demand for soil conditioners would see a CAGR of 8.16% up to the year 2022.

Healthy soil consists of fungi, microbes, earthworms, macro fauna and micro/mesofauna. Sustainable Agriculture involves not only the physical properties and mineral structure of the soil, but also the process by which organic matter is transformed into humus by microbes, fungi, earthworms etc. Our research products are made incorporating crop residue and other organic matter into the soil promotes microbial growth which in turn promotes humus production and soil fertility.


Sciencetech Agrolab’s mission is to foster and implement new technologies or strategies, which increase efficiency, conserve resources or significantly improve the lives of farmers and consumers. With that principle in mind, we are incessantly researching and develop new solutions to the market. All agronomic research, development and laboratory tests are carried out in our own R&D center.

The company is staffed by some of Malaysia’s leading Crop Science, Soils and Fertilizer researchers. Because of their expertise, these researchers have developed new technologies & improved existing technologies to provide value to the Malaysia market, in terms of product design and mix at a low cost of production.



Sciencetech Agrolab is in a unique position to deliver novel and powerful solutions to the market because of its innovative research and development platform. The R&D platform bundles several proprietary technologies which make up a high-throughput pipeline for discovery of new soil amendment & growth enhancer products. Field trial programs were specifically conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of research products on the growth and yield of rice, potatoes, fruits and vegetable crops.


To play an active part in shaping the future of agriculture through innovation.

To provide the agriculture industry with high efficient and environmental friendly fertilizer products

To improve the lives of farmers and consumers.


Our Technical Research & Development Department is key to our efforts in ensuring the quality and the superiority of the company’s product. This is achieved through various activities such as:

Pre-sales consultation services :
introduction and company sales support.

Post-sales consultation services :
Continues support for customers through suitable agronomist services agronomist services.

Other consultancy services :
Advice and suggestions on method of applications, appropriate manure program, development of new products, and other related matters frequently faced by customers.

Commercial trial and testing services :
Customers’ recognitions of the company’s products and services.



Unveiling a game-changer in palm care: GanoPRO & GanoGuard

Our Gano Series offers a comprehensive solution that treats and prevents the onset of Ganoderma stem rot disease.
By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology and developing a harmonious Bio-Solution, our innovation revolutionizes palm care, ensuring healthier, disease-resistant growth.

Ganoderma Disease: A Silent Killer in Oil Palm Plantations

Ganoderma disease is a debilitating disease on rampage in the oil palm plantations. It is a major devastating disease in South East Asia (SEA), especially in Malaysia and Indonesia. It is wreaking havoc on oil palm trees, posing a significant threat to the industry.


The only CURATIVE CONTROL against Ganoderma Disease

Advanced formulation to cure pathogenic fungi

Increases the population of beneficial predatory fungi

Stimulates root growth

Promotes balanced soil microbial ecosystem

Catalyses the recovery process of infected palms

Restores oil palms to optimum condition


How does GanoGuard protect your palms?

Rebalances soil pH

Restores soil fertility

Protects healthy palms for increased yield.

Enhances nutrient uptake

Suppresses the population of Ganoderma pathogens

Boosts resistance against Ganoderma disease

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